This is the list of personal items a student has to bring to the school when reporting on the first day. The school would like to advise parents to clearly mar all items, so that every item is clearly identifiable as belonging to your child (ren). Leisure clothing should be casual and descent.

1) A bed and mattress are provided by the school

2) A bucket

3) 8 Toilet paper rolls and 4 packets of sanitary towels for girls

4) 3 bars of soap (peg for underwear)/ Four pieces of bathing soap, tooth paste, tooth brush

5) Torch and cells/umbrella/ rain coat

6) Mosquito net.

7) Knife & Eplon for girls

8) Sports wear & shoes depending on favourate sport

9) Casual wear we strictly use blue/black jeans. Shorts, leggings and any other revealing wears are not allowed.

10) Formal wear for special occasions e.g dinner and church service

11) Bed sheets (2 pairs)

12) Suitcase

13) Night dress/panty hanger for girls

14) A pair of slippers

15) Sandals for after classes and weekends (casual)

16) Pillow and pillow case

17) Towel

18) Wrappers for girls (Ganga or Lesu)

19) Black shoes for classroom use (2 pairs) and white stockings

20) Counter books (Yr. 8 and 9) 20 books, (Yr. 10 and Yr. 11) 10 books and Yr 12 & 13) 10 books

21) A strong school bag for carrying books

22) Flat iron

23) A water bottle

24) Bible/Qur’an

25) A comb/lifter

26) Shoe polish

27) 6 hankies

28) 2 belts

29) Shavers

N.B:   Bed and mattress are provided at school.