i) All members of staff and students leaders must be respected and obeyed including group employees. Any form of insolence and disobedience may lead to automatic expulsion.

ii) Students should not change their names as they appear on the P.L.E or O-level certificate without prior notification of the administration through the parents/guardian.

iii) The school uniform should be respected and put on in right places. Every student on the school compound and trip organized by the school must wear proper and  full school uniform as prescribed, smartness and neatness must be observed at all times. Leaving and reporting to school, a student must be in school uniform.

iv) At all times students must keep their hair neat and well combed. Plaiting of hair, face or nails and funny haircuts, bangles, necklace, earrings and nose pins are prohibited.

v)Cooking in the dormitory is not allowed.

vi)Irregularity in school attendance, failure to attend class without genuine reasons and dodging preps, assignments, homework, tests are very serious offences and highly punishable. All students must be punctual for all lessons and school functions as organized by the school.

vii) Every student must participate in extracurricular activities as time tabled/programmed by the school authority.

viii)Except during other language lessons like French, Swahili, Luganda etc, and English must be used as medium of communication at the school.

ix) Club, societies, trips and other activities must be organized with the approval of the school authority. Academic groups are very much encouraged by the school. No student will go out for any educational, religious, or social activity without the company of a member of staff.

x) Students must safeguard and take care of school property. Loss or any damage caused by the students’ negligence on school property is highly punishable. Careless breaking of furniture, passing through the fence of mutilating school books is heavily punishable in terms of replacing it, being expelled from school or both.

xi) Hooliganism by jeering the public or many member(s) of staff or nicknaming are punishable. The visitors and new students treated with utmost humility to allow harmonious relationship into the school. Shouting of nay nature that may disrupt the school programme or freedom of other students is strictly prohibited and highly punishable.

x)Students under suspension should not be sighted in the school. After successfully serving the suspension, the student should come back with the true parent or guardian.

xi) Attending of prayer is a must to all students.

xii) Stealing and forgeries or nasty moves of dishonesty of any nature are strongly  prohibited and  may lead to  an automatic expulsion from school after compensation or being referred  to police  depending  on the gravity of the offence.

xiii) Impersonation and falsification of information will lead to automatic dismissal when discovered. Physical violence is a very serious offence e.g. manhandling, fighting bullying throwing dangerous object etc. This may lead to criminal prosecution.

xiv) Physical violence is a very serious offence e.g manhandling, fighting, bullying, and throwing dangerous objects e.t.c. This may lead to criminal prosecution.

xv) Possession and consumption of alcohol and or intoxicating drugs including smoking are strongly forbidden and may lead to an automatic expulsion. Chewing of gum or anything in public places or class is also forbidden.

xvi) Possession of water heaters, candles, matchboxes, cigarettes, lighters, paraffin, petrol and the like is a very serious offence and may lead to expulsion from school.

xvii) Escaping is a very serious offence and may lead to expulsion.

xviii) Girls’ hostel/dormitory is strictly out of bounds to boys and the reverse is true.

xix) Pre-marital relationships are forbidden and leads to expulsion from school.

xx) Communal activities and housework are compulsory.

xxi) Pass outs are only given by the administration, students must hand back the gate pass to the issuing authority. All students must carry proper identity cards inside school for easy identification.

xxii) Copying during examinations of any nature leads to automatic demotion or expulsion.

xxiii) Students are expected to report on the first day of the term will all the requirements. The school does not take liability to any student sent home for school fees or any other prescribed necessity.

xxiv) No student is allowed to drive or ride at the school compound.

xxv) All students using their medicine MUST declare it the nurse on arrival. Self medication is not acceptable at all.

xxvi)Staff quarters are out of bounds to students except under emergency cases.

xxvii) Unnecessary writing on the notice board or any other place is not acceptable. Any information for the school community must be approved by the school authority, before being displayed.

xxviii) All parcels from abroad should be collected by the school administrators only on behalf of the student(s). No student will be allowed to collect it from any parcel center.

xxix) On arrival to school, either at the beginning of term or midterm, the student must clear with the administration first before proceeding to class.


a) The school disciplinary committee reserves the right to revise the rules depending on the prevailing circumstances. This will always be communicated to students.

b) This school administration and the staff will give an interpretation of each code to student at all times in case of conflicting interpretation.

c) All students and parents/guardians must read and understand the rules before paying the school fees. Whoever pays will be deemed to have accepted to abide by the set down codes.

d)Any breach of the codes of conduct will result into punishment determined by the school authority depending on gravity of the offence, history of the offender or the degree of inconvenience of the offence.

e)There will always be continuous reminder on notice boards and the school assembly. You must attend tom them.


To download a copy of the school rules and regulations,Click here  and download the HISU admission Form