Rassul Overtaking London Collage for Try.

It was so sad that the ruffian captain Malcolm Okello was taken off the team leaving Abiriga Rassul in control as captain for the circuit, it was a pinch of a lion’s testicles because the ruffians became wild. Instead of weakening, the team became stronger for he had always prepared them for that moment. In his own words” what if I’m not around.” Before he could have said any more the moment arrived.

At the entrance of the Budonian premises, the ruffians said a prayer no, pressure is involved for Budo has always been an assured graveyard back from the old age back in 2019. even before Hana was thought of being created.


Hana being in pool A, its first opponent was Buddo which surprisingly did not appear giving Hana a walk over and putting it in the lead of pool A before it stepped a foot onto the pitch. Victory was assured.

HANA Vs SMACK(eaglets)

As usual, I won’t say much, we won not giving them a chance to win or reach the try line .in the lead was Eugene making three tries, a vast improvement from the last game, His Angel always guides him even when he can’t see them. Followed by the ruffian flash that made amazing steps, I can assure you that even his opponents could have wished to attend classes for those steps that he finally made a try. Marle Samson came in with two tries. It was an amazing game to watch and finally Humphrey concluded the game with a try. This time being on the starting team and not a substitute. Ending the game with a score of 48-0.



This being Hana’s last game according to group level it did not give them a tough time, them being the weak team of Namilyango, we were not really given a tough time,two tries being made by Rasuul, Ogwang Ronald, Otim, and a surprising try made by Mark A new entrant to the team. That ended the game. With a score of 28 -0. Hence qualifying for the quarter finals.


Hana, once again facing King’s College Budo, without wasting time we made it to the try line. Not even giving them a chance to reach their try line. At one point, the table at which I was seated, as they were recording the try makers, the team manager on the opponent team forgot his team members and began to say every try maker on Hana’s team on my behalf. For he had mastered each by name. with tries being made by Otim, Rasuul,  Ogwang  and most of conversions made by Rasuul then Ogwang and finally Eugene.

Still unbeaten, Hana left its opponent with zero tries.



At the beginning of this match, it was tight, but we were not worried. Before I go any further, I would like to compliment London College on their significant improvement in both playing and support, not forgetting their cheer squad, that always made it loud and clear, as they kept on saying “TWAZE KOLA”. It was quite interesting, but I was confident that the best kind of success is that that is made in silence. As I always tell them, talk less and work more. They made it for the try line, quite several times and our try makers being the same. Still leaving their opponents try less. Better said as nothing. Rumors had it that Hana was taking another trophy home but. I repeat BUT!


Now you must be wondering why Hana is versing Namilyango again, but this is the second team of Namilyango and this time they had come to kill and show no mercy. They started off with a scare, but the first try was made by Hana, we thought we had it, but these men were determined to win besides their determination, they had a force supporting them. Now personally, I’m a very honest person and I say nothing but the truth but as seen by the majority the game had been rigged but the good guys always win and surely, we shall see who the overall winner will be. But for those that watched know the truth, I will say that Hana did lose to Namilyango with a score of 21-5.

It was such a tragedy that we could not hold it in any longer, that we drowned ourselves in tears, but our strength came from the fact that we are still at the top. The next circuit is within our own graveyard, we do not except to lose on our own grounds and for sure we shall not accept to be cheated for we play fair rugby. That’s a feeling that no other player can get unless they do join the Ruffians team. Until then, they can never relate what it means to play real and fair rugby.


by Hana TM.

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