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Venue: St.MARY’S COLLEGE KISUBI.ON ARRIVAL, A prayer is said by the ruffians as they are for putting God first, they then then perambulate the area, finding a suitable camping site. where they dressed up when they dressed up and took a walk around their new graveyard, each marking a special place unto which an opponent will be pinned. A few balls spinning rounds to warm up their hands ready for their first match… Game time…Hana being in pool A, it’s first match being against the Tigons (Namilyango), patiently waiting for their first win, all excitement not lost, the ruffians watching their opponents’ weaknesses. On pitch, the Ruffians doing what they do best, putting their opponents in place, showing no mercy to Namilyango with 490 not even a chance to reach the try line.

Hana Ruffians putting God first. as our motto says ” IN GOD WE TRUST”

First try being made by the ruffian flash “Otim”, seeing the ball in his hands, the crowd goes ”try time” with an assist being made by the captain, Malcom Okello. As said, the opponents were not given a chance. A few seconds later, Malcom makes a try straight after a scrum had been called. An assist made Medi Abduallah, a group of Ngonians running after him, like sugar ants chasing after a sugar molecule. Still within the first half, another try is made by Eugene and then another one by Malcom. Second half, reminder, “reminder” the opponent team still chocking on failure, two more tries made by the captain, Okello. A magical/ miraculous substitution is made by as Otim is substituted for Humphrey, that makes a try on entry, towards the end, he lands in the middle of a fight between lions, right there and then, he steals the ball and makes it for the try line, labelling him as the “Ruffian ball thief” where he later passed on the ball to Niel to make the last try concluding the game against the Namilyango

Hana’s very own making it for a try against Namilyango

Tigons with 49-0. Hana Vs Landon College, the ruffians played lazily in this match, lowering their score, but still unbeaten, they gave their opponents a tough time, still leaving them with nothing to console on. A few amazing tackles made by Nyanzi Muhammed ,Abiriga Rasul, Medi, the first try made by the captain, we all know it’s an assured try when the ball gets into his hands concluded with a conversion. Second half, as usual, the badman, the ruffian flash, Otim made another try. not forgetting the dangerous substitute, Ndahura Humphrey, that makes a miraculous try as soon as he steps on the pitch, Only, he knows where his lucky charm lies. Back to the point, he finalized our game with a try. With a score of 28-0 I must say, we should be proud of Hana. SMACK Vs HANA ..On their own ground, it was such a shame that their reputation was thrashed right before their eyes, like I said from the beginning, Hana found a new graveyard, ready to bury its own hosts. For we show no mercy. Anyway, right after a scrum a try is made by the captain, followed by a try from Otim, and then Rasul. Cannot stop saying try. I feel like Hana should be re-labeled as top try maker, back to the game, the captain makes a try, and then Nyanzi Muhammed comes in with an amazing try, leaving his opponents at a great distance. Must say they looked so confused. and finally, a try made by the captain. BUDO Vs HANA; The best for last. for we could not rest with the wins on this one, the great BUDO was beaten 58-0, I could see that at a point they could have wished to switch sides right there and then. With the first two tries being made by Rasul, followed by a try by Medi, the Captain gave us two tries, he made an invincible conversion that amazed the whole crowd. i could see jaws dropping, Otim gave us another try, a try made by Nyanzi Muhammed and finally the miraculous substitute Humphrey. Like we always say in Hana” Habibti Come to Hana”. Hana qualified for the Semifinals where it versed Namilyango College. i must say it was a tag of war, it was a hard one, seeing the Ruffian flash getting injured caused the team a step back but it did not put us down, in the first half, Humphrey substituted Otim, and within no time, Malcom Okello made it for the try line and beautiful conversion giving us 7 points ahead of Namilyango and before we knew it, time had elapsed. and then we won 7-0. Must say Namilyango did put up a good fight but not enough to put Hana ruffians down. THE FINALS, BUDO was lucky to make it to the finals, to verse the Ruffians again, we could see that they were terrified, we had SMACK cheering for us from the sidelines and i must say we did appreciate. The Buddonians came in hard with the first try that twitched just a bit within our fingers, we never get scared. The captain managed to encourage his team and in no time, the captain made it to the try line with the first try and another one from Rasul. You can already imagine the look on everyone’s face knowing that Hana had already made it for the win. In the second half, the captain made it with two tries and finally! when I say Finally. Medi Abudallah came in with the last try. the Winning tries for Hana. Giving us a score of 33-5 and Hana International School made it for the win. Agree to disagree Hana is the best rugby playing school in Uganda, and you better believe it! as I end it for today, Hana always puts God first. Had it not been for him, they wouldn’t have made it this far.

Captain and part of the team making their celebratory moves

By, The Team Manager Hana Ruffians, @Shek@ay


  1. Mimah


    Well said team manager ,thanks to the team and good luck with the remaining games .
    Lets go Hana..

  2. Jennifer Birungi


    I applaud the players, students’s support and the entire school Administration, the coach well done. Surely this is the unbeatable no 1 school rugby team.
    In God we Trust hence the source of energy.
    For God and our Country



    This was so cool, glory to the almighty and appreciation goes to the team for maintaining the legacy.
    Ruffians will always be at heart.

  4. @Emmerson14


    Congrats upon the win boys, we out here are proud of you guys???
    Coach Seguya and TM Sheebah well in

  5. Reply

    This is the Hana I know. Rafians have a record in the East African region and always stay focused on studies. Go on. In God we trust.

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